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Belexpocentar carries a title of the youngest conference and exhibition center in Serbia. It has featured with modern look and possibility of adaptation to your needs, like no other hall that exists in Belgrade now. Since the opening in 2007. up until now, over 2000 different events were held in Belexpocentar hall.

Belexpocentar is completely covered with electricity, phone and internet installations trough media channels over the whole floor surface.
Belexpocentar hall – technical details

Surface area: 2.500,00 m2
Ground surface: 3.519,63 m2
Dimensions: 36,80 x 68,70 m
Ceiling height: 12,5 m
Dimensions of cargo port: 2×4,5 m
Dimensions of the main entrance: 2×2,5 m
Load on the floor: 2.000 kg/m2
Load on the ceiling: 1.800 kg
Connection through the tunnel with hotel

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